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Team Financial Wellness Benefits

We offer a free Financial Wellness Program to organizations with 200+ employees. Our Workforce Benefits Solution is carefully crafted to enhance your employees' financial well-being, alleviating their stress and ultimately benefiting your organization. 

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Employee Financial Well-Being By The Numbers

84% (1)

84% of Employees

claim offering financial wellness tools increases employee retention..

2x (1)

Employees are 2x

more likely to look for employment elsewhere if they are financially stressed.

76% (1)

76% of Employees

say that financial stress has a negative impact on their productivity.

80% (1)

80% of Employers

agree that offering financial wellness can result in more satisfied, engaged, and productive employees.

*Above statistics provided by PWC & Bank of America Business

The knowledge makes a difference

The more you can help your team manage and grow their personal finances, the better they'll perform at work and the happier they'll be. Business thrives when the whole team thrives.

  • 80% of employees think employers play a role in financial wellness
  • Financially stressed employees are 2x more likely to look for new jobs
  • Financially stressed employees are 6x more likely to be less productive at work
  • 57% of employees say finances are the #1 cause of stress in their lives
Workforce Benefits

Empower your team's future

Icon_Employee Retention

Increase employee retention

Offer financial resources that can help ease the stress of employees who otherwise may feel the pressure to move on.

Icon_Productivity and Engagement

Enhance productivity and engagement

Less financial stress allows your team to better focus on their job and do what they love at their best.

Icon_Personalized Solutions

Personalize solutions for attainable goals

Our programs are tailored to suit each individual’s needs and help them make and meet reachable goals.

Icon_Financial Knowledge

Grow financial knowledge

Empower your team with the knowledge and tools needed for a healthy financial journey.

Making Change

Making change together

We believe a bank can have a positive impact on you and the world around you. Join the movement.

  • 2,043 lbs of food and goods donated
  • 558 hours volunteered by Northeast team members
  • 48 charitable organizations supported
  • 83 financial education lesson plans provided to local schools

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